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✓ Create and share your own designs
✓ Draw shapes, line art, and more
✓ Create presets and share them with others
✓ Draw, erase, and use color to fill shapes and create designs
✓ Use symmetry, flip, crop, and resize to shape, position, and place designs
✓ Intuitive tools to draw, erase, and use color to edit your design
✓ Powerful features for both beginners and advanced users
✓ Export to a variety of formats: JPEG, PSD, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF
✓ Export to GIF Animator from PNG or BMP
✓ Save as a GIF image or convert to JPEG
✓ Rotate, crop, and mirror images
✓ Canvas size: 1024 x 768 pixels
✓ Annotate with a variety of colors, shapes, text, and line art
✓ Color and pattern mode
✓ Zooming tool with different size control options
✓ Flip, crop, and move image
✓ Flatten images for large canvas
✓ Import images from your library
✓ Auto-shrink text to fit the canvas
✓ Undo/Redo
✓ Color picking tools
✓ Automatic corrections for lines, shapes, and colors
✓ Customize your brush with a wide variety of tools
✓ Smooth color transitions and presets with Inkflow tool
✓ Design and export your own brushes
✓ Use Smart Erase to clean up unwanted or unwanted areas
✓ Canvas color and gradient
✓ Create custom shapes and select from pre-made color libraries
✓ Use Pen tool and easily create pixel art
✓ Draw straight lines, curves, ellipses, and more
✓ Resize, rotate, and mirror shapes
✓ Support for all Windows tablets
✓ Support for all Windows phones
✓ Support for all Windows Phones and Tablets
✓ Use a variety of predefined symbols or your own custom symbols
✓ Export layers to a variety of formats
✓ Smoothen color transitions
✓ Undo/Redo of all tools
✓ Export and import the selected layer
✓ Use multiple windows
✓ Use the multipurpose canvas
✓ Export selected layers to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
✓ Lock layers
✓ Export canvas to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD
✓ 384a16bd22

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– Join / Merge SEG-Y Files
– Rearrange Files
– Toggle SEG-Y files File
– Toggle Geomagnetic signatures
– Toggle Detector mode
– Show Layer flags
– Show Bounds
– Show Box
– Show Segment markers
– Toggle segment flags
– Toggle FOV/FOV2 marker
– Layer display: original/altered/new
– Zoom: original/altered/new
– Change zoom
– Scale
– Delete a selected segment from a selected layer
– Rotate
– Order/Move layers
– Print original / merge files
– Print final output
– Resave
– Save to file
– Save as ‘window’
– Save to database
– Import into database
– Export to database
– Delete column
– Get header
– Create fields
– Get value
– Select fields
– Remove fields
– List markers
– Lookup properties
– Toggle auto values
– Toggle legend
– Change value
– Set value
– Store values
– Merge groups
– Replace metadata
– Get metadata
– Remove metadata
– Hide layer
– Toggle name
– Toggle hidden flag
– Toggle grid line
– Toggle grid line color
– Toggle line style
– Toggle line marker
– Toggle dotted line
– Toggle dotted line color
– Toggle color
– Toggle fill
– Toggle fill color
– Toggle opacity
– Toggle text
– Toggle text size
– Toggles line thickness
– Toggles line width
– Toggles line color
– Hide/Show grid lines
– Toggle labels
– Toggle label (name)
– Toggle labels (name)
– Toggles labels (name)
– Toggles labels (name) (all)
– Toggles label (name) (all)
– Toggles labels (name) (all)
– Toggle annotation
– Toggle annotation (name)
– Toggle annotation (name) (all)
– Toggle annotation (name) (all)
– Toggles annotation (name) (all)
– Toggle labelling
– Toggle labelling (name)
– Toggle labelling (name) (all)
– Toggle labelling (name) (all)
– Toggles labelling (name) (all)
– Toggle annotating
– Toggle annotating (name)
– Toggle annotating (name) (all)
– Toggle annotating (name) (all)