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The new XTENSA Embedded Debugger includes a basic KEYMACRO Emulator.
The emulator was implemented in the C-language and provided the ability to execute commands given by a programmer on a Keyboard Interface Module (KIM). This is a single board micro-controller development board used in various applications including Modeling and HARDWARE.
Keyboard Interface Module (KIM) and XTENSA Debugger
This emulator requires an XTENSA-UTILITY and XTENSA-NET to work. The application can debug any processor and the source code is written in the native processor.
This emulator can be used with any simulator that supports XTENSA-UTILITY and XTENSA-NET.
The emulator provides the following functions:
Keys definition/manipulation in debug mode
The emulator provides commands to control the keyboard. The commands are “skey”, “lkey”, “upkey” and “downkey”. These commands manipulate all the keys of the keyboard. The keys manipulation commands are similar to the commands of the HARDWARE or the Modeling emulator, except they are issued through a debug-PC.
Display menu
The emulator shows the menu of the keys defined in the XTENSA-UTILITY and XTENSA-NET.
Switches execution flow
If the “swich 0” or “swich 1” command is issued, the debugger will set the internal registers (with interrupts enabled) to an arbitrary value. It will also jump into the PC and set the register accordingly.
During the execution, the emulator displays the current keyboard state. If a key is pressed, the emulator will display the corresponding ASCII character.
You can use this emulator to debug the KEYMACRO processor or to debug the HARDWARE emulator.
You can download the XTENSA Emulator here:

Keyboard Interface Module (KIM) and XTENSA Debugger
Visit our Labs web page at
Keyboard Interface Module (KIM) and XTENSA Debugger
Visit our Labs web page at
Keyboard Interface Module (KIM) and XTENSA Debugger
Visit our Labs web page at 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO lets you record your own commands and macros on any keyboard or program. While other applications do similar things, they’re less advanced and simple, restricting your options to simple commands like Enter, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Alt, etc. With KEYMACRO, you have a large array of features that allow you to control your computer or any of its apps with a single keyboard command. This means you’ll be able to control your favorite apps in a smarter, faster, and more comfortable way than ever.
How It Works:
KEYMACRO is a software that comes with a keyboard capable of turning it into a more powerful and custom-made keyboard. Once you download and install it, you’ll find a number of different ways you can use it. All you have to do is select one of them, assign it to a button or a shortcut, and then assign a keyboard command to it. When you press that button or command, it will trigger the keyboard or program function you’ve just selected. For example, if you assign a button to cut and you click on it, KEYMACRO will recognize that the command is Cut. The way it recognizes the command will vary depending on the program you’re using, but regardless, you’ll be able to execute a cut action with a single keyboard command. If you need to execute a copy command, you can do that with the Copy button, and so on.
Best Features:
While we’re on the topic of features, let’s look at what KEYMACRO can do for you. First, it’s important to note that its functionality is not limited to Windows programs. You can control it using a keyboard and it will also be capable of interacting with other programs or operating systems.
When it comes to speed, it’s quite easy to use and fast. You can set a number of repeating commands so you don’t have to keep clicking to execute the next one. The keyboard will also give you the ability to assign a function to a specific key, so you won’t have to assign the command to every key you use.
Unlike other similar apps, the fact that you can control any program with a single keyboard command means that you can use it to perform some pretty advanced functions. In fact, KEYMACRO supports every keyboard shortcut and function. You can control the execution of any Windows function by assigning a command to a button on the keyboard. The